Time to Modernize Your Home?

Turn to our renovation contractor in Northbrook or Palatine, IL

A carefully executed renovation can transform and update your home while ensuring your home fits its surroundings. Matthias Jans Architect has more than 38 years of experience and will gladly serve as your renovation contractor. He believes that if we do a renovation, it can't look like it. This means he'll make sure your renovation blends in with your neighborhood perfectly.

Choose a renovation contractor that focuses on client education-not making decisions for the client. Email us now to set up renovation services in Northbrook or Palatine, IL.

Planning your renovation with care

If you're ready to get started on a renovation, you'll want an attentive, skilled architect on the job. Our architect approaches renovations with a focus on pleasing the client. He'll meet with you to create three essential lists for your project. These include lists of:

  1. Features you'd like to add to your dream home
  2. Things you don't want in your home renovation
  3. What you want to incorporate into your project

Using these three lists, our architect will create a unique design that suits your neighborhood, meets all your needs and incorporates your style into the design. Call Matthias today to start working on your renovation.