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My husband and I searched for a home for more than 3 years. We wanted a special floor plan that had a Great Room concept, but also had a first floor master bedroom for my father in law, who lives with us.

We finally found the perfect home. Well, almost perfect. The floor plan was more than we had dreamt of, with a special area for my father in law. However, the house was extremely modern in design: vertical siding, angled windows, and stone façade. To put it mildly, the outside of the home was an eyesore. We purchased the home knowing that the structure was exactly what we needed and that the modern look could be addressed at a later point.

I had no idea exactly what I wanted the redesign to look like, but I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like. We hired Matt to help design a more traditional home for us. He had me talk to him about styles and provide him with photos of homes that I loved. Matt took it from there. His design was truly extraordinary. He came up with a look that was more than I could ever have imagined. I now have a front porch, something I’ve always wanted and never thought I would get with this home. The new design is reminiscent of a home in the Hamptons and has an absolutely gorgeous overall look and feel.

I would strongly recommend Matt as someone that can take a few ideas and turn them into a vision. He is not only an architect, but an artist in the truest sense of the word.


You did a fabulous job on the two renovation projects I did at my home in Glenview and the architectural work for the construction of my current home in Libertyville.

My home in Glenview included adding a two story family room addition to a 1944 Cape Code style home. The design of the project kept the original feel of the home from the outside stone work which matched the existing exterior, to the beautiful screened in porch with a fireplace, to the interior craftsmanship which was tastefully done so that the family room really updated the feel of a 1940’s style home.

You were gracious enough to return a few years later to do a complete remodel of my kitchen. What was once a choppy small kitchen and formal dining room became a style that reflected todays open kitchen design that allowed for entertaining and family style dining in the kitchen. You were also able to repurpose a rarely used living room into a seating areas and formal dining space.

I also recall what a pleasure you were to work with. While we interviewed several architectural firms prior to starting the construction on the family room, you were so creative in your approach but also reasonable in the dollars we were willing to spend.

We have now been in our new home in Libertyville for about a year and we are so thankful that we used your firm for the architectural work. Our approach in building this home was to put together a wish list of all the things we wanted in our new home. This was done room by room. Your attention to detail and willingness to use all our ideas is what made our home so wonderful. When friends and family visit they are all so impressed with how wonderful our home turned out to be. The lot size was definitely a challenge as well as the restrictions placed on us by the village. You were about to incorporate all our design elements into our new home and for that we will forever be thankful to you.

Thank you again,

Back in 1993 my husband and I bought our current home, it was in some disrepair and was really more of a “fixer upper”. I’m lucky to have a talented Master Carpenter for a husband, together with his hard work and my love of interior design we managed to turn this house into our home.

Fast forward to 2005 now with three kids we started to feel a little cramped and decided it was time to move into a larger house. So we met with realtors, put our house on the market and started our own house hunting. After a short time we realized that finding a house that would suit all out needs was not going to be easy, besides we loved out big, private backyard that I loved to entertain in, loved the proximity to our work locations and most importantly, our children were rooted in this neighborhood and schools.

That’s when we decided a renovation was the answer. So I started interviewing architects, when we came across Matt Jans. We immediately clicked, he was flexible enough to allow my husband to be involved in the process and most importantly he saw our vision.

Our renovation was quite extensive, this meant that there were several meetings and drawings in the planning process, we felt comfortable with Matt and his staff and ultimately hire him as our general contractor as well.

The process was typical of a big renovation and took a lot of planning and patience as weather, city permits, contractors schedule etc. can sometimes shift things off a little more than you’d like. However, Matt was always available to help with the process! When we finally moved back into our new home, I knew the wait was worth it. The end result was a beautiful home that was custom designed and incorporated seamlessly into the existing home. The one comment we hear from everyone who visits our home is that you could never tell this was a renovation when you compare the before and after pictures you would never know it was the same house. Nothing looks pieced together or disjointed and it is truly our dream home in the neighborhood we love!

Blake and Alice